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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Setting Realistic Goals and How to Achieve Them

First off, let me just say that this is not one of my strong points, however identifying one's weakness is the first step to self improvement.  With that said, looking back on this blog, such as it is, and on my Etsy shop, I realize there are things which I can, and need, to do, to make this year a success.

It would be so easy to blame life's problems, or a lack of time, or anything else on my lack of success.  But the truth is we all have problems, we all have the same number of hours in a day, and we all could come up with a million reasons why we are not successful. The bottom line is, it all rests squarely on my/our shoulders just how successful we all will be.  Plenty of folks have proven it can be done. The question is: what do I need to do that I'm not doing now? What am I doing right and what do I need to work on?  Of course, this really goes for all of us.  So, as I go through my list, just plug in your own situation.

I'm a Realist. I know that without Divine intervention, my Etsy shop, TheGoodOleDays, will not make me a millionaire any time soon, if ever.  Some folks are doing quite well, and are in fact, making a decent living doing what they love. I'm not one of them...yet. So, my first goal is to strive for a specific dollar amount per month that is doable for me at this time. Eventually I would like this to be a full-time career with a comparable full-time income, but for now I'm hoping for an acceptable secondary income. I broke down the dollar amount into how much I would like to earn each month and then each week.  Not a scary, or unattainable number.

Now I know that in order to make sales I need to have the goods, get the word out about my shop, and get the goods to the comsumer.  Instead of saying I need to make more stuff, I will set a weekly quota for myself. I need to see that number posted as a daily reminder, like a challenge.  I thought about a daily quota, but with my family, I realized I would be setting myself up for failure.  Ok, so I have the goods, but who will know unless I spread the word.  In this area I think I'm doing well. I tweet, I pin, I share on fb, and I am active with an etsy team that does a lot of promoting.  My area of weakness is right here...the blog.  But I have a plan. I found a blog planner, which will help me stay on track.

I am currently working on categories and a posting schedule.  Looking back on my epic failures with blogging to date, I will absolutely NOT plan on blogging every day...eventually, yes, but not right now. Three times a week is realistic for now.  OK, make stuff? Check. Get the word out? Check. Get the goods to the consumer?  This is where the craft fairs come in.  It's not enough to say I want to do as many as possible. What would be more practical, and realistic, is for me to research craft fairs in the area (which I have already started doing), and seeing which ones are a good fit for me based on what I make and what I can afford in relation to the fees.  I am planning on two major craft events, one in the Spring/Summer and another one in the Fall/Winter, along with 5-10 smaller events throughout the year.

Of course, each goal, and the steps to reach those goals, all need to be broken down into baby steps; measurable and attainable daily, weekly, and monthly.  Small successes do add up.  Along with the blog planner above, I have a huge wall calendar for mothly tracking, a dry erase board for daily goals, and a day planner for weekly goals. I am also going to post on my bedroom wall a list of my goals and the steps I need to take for each goal and cross them off as I go.

I am determined to make this year the year I finally "get it" and do what I know I am capable of.

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