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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day on El Galeon Andalucia

Labor Day. The un-official end of Summer. Quality time with the family. We decided to head down to Ocean City (Maryland) to check out the Spanish ship, El Galeon Adalucia. Monday was the last day it would be there before it set sail once again.

It was a beautiful Summer day; hot, but with a nice breeze. We actually found a free parking spot less than a block away. (If you've ever been to O.C. you know how hard that is to come by.)

And there she was. My pictures don't do her justice. She was really quite grand. It was so neat checking out the different parts of the ship and learning its history. Enjoy the tour.

                      The Mast overlooking the bay.     The bell that I can't believe my son didn't ring.

There were two cannons on the deck and two rows of them down below.

                     A little history about the ship.  The view of the upper deck behind the wheel.

The guys chose some props to make the picture more authentic. I came prepared;)

So, while it was a really neat ship, and we all enjoyed checking it out, especially my history buff husband, I realized that I am much more comfortable on dry land. Bummer, but now I know not to waste my time dreaming of taking a cruise of living on a houseboat!

So happy together <3                 Now, that's a view!