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Friday, June 6, 2014

My Wild Backyard

I was in my backyard the other day and I happened upon this very interesting little guy.  It was on the roof of my shed just about at eye level. I'd say it was a tad bit bigger than an inch long; big enough to make me not want to bug it, but small enough, and so well camouflaged that it could have gone completely unnoticed.

So I googled it and came up with some facts.

  • It is commonly known as the Eyed Elator, Big-eyed Elater or Eyed Click Beetle.
  • It is a beneficial insect, meaning it's a good one to find in your yard or garden.
  • Larva measure up to 2 inches while adults are around 1 1/2 inches.
  • In the larval stage, they are "ferocious meat-eaters that dine on many other noxious wood-boring larvae, including those of wood-boring beetles." Yum!
This information was obtained from Galveston County master Gardeners, Beneficials In The Garden; Eyed Elator 

I wonder what I'll find next.