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Yes, there were some things about the past that were definitely great, but everyone's list is slightly different. This blog is my contribution to the things that make life great, and not so great. Like all things, this blog will grow and change as I do. Come grow with me.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Mojo...Don't Worry, Be Happy

I did not post a Monday Mojo last week. Sorry for those of you who enjoy them. I just did not have the mojo and nothing popped into my head as inspiration. Some days are like that. Some weeks, too, for that matter.

Broken bones, crazy vacationers, money issues, dealing with dementia, itchy little fur babies. I've got plenty of things to be worried about, but today I'm going the route of mood guru, Bobby McFerrin, and I'm going to remind myself that life is good.

I woke up today, I am breathing on my own, everybody in my home has clothes to wear and food to eat, and I have a job. Life could be be better, no doubt about it, but it could be so much worse.

Find the things which make life great and be thankful for them...like whistling, and baby sloths.

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