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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The ABCs of Life...The Most Powerful Two-Letter Word


I've been thinking about my life lately; the choices I've made, where I am, where I want to be, and what's keeping me from getting there.  I'm sure we've all been there at one time or another. What if they don't like me? What if I don't get the job? What if I'm no good at it (whatever that "it" may be)?  What if I fail? What if, what if, what if...

In the cult classic movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Janet finds herself in quite a predicament after a series of events and possible bad choices...
     Oh, if only we hadn't made this journey.  (But we did.)
     Oh, if only the car hadn't broke down. (But it did.)
     If only we were amongst friends, or sane persons. (But you're not.)

Life is full of choices. And, I believe, the choices we make direct our path. (I'm not even going to go into the debate on free will versus a Divine Plan. There just isn't enough space or time to get into that heated discussion.)

There are so many what ifs surrounding my life, but alas, I don't have a tardis or any other type of time machine, so I can not change the choices I have made or how my life has turned out thus far.  I cannot go back and make the "right" choice as to my college education or career path. I cannot make the "right" choice about people in my life. I cannot go back and make the right choice about what to do with all the money I ever earned and spent. And I cannot go back and chose the right numbers for the massive lottery which would magically fix all my problems. (No, I do not actually believe that one, either.)  I am fine with the choices I have made. They have made me the person I am today, for better or for worse. This is me, and i have to just accept it and move on.
The Tardis

 We will forever be bombarded with what ifs. The important thing is not be stricken with fear of making the wrong choice and, out of that fear, chose to do nothing.

The song, Freewill, by Rush always comes to mind when I think about this:
          If you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice
The difference here is that the choice has been made for you and not by you, or has it? (Heavy, eh?)

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown; they all can strangle a person into inaction. Instead of asking, "What if?" ask yourself, "Why not?"  But whatever you chose, or don't chose, the worst possible thing would be to live with regret. It will destroy you like a virus.

From the movie, The Time Machine, the question answered.
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