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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Reveal...The Living Room

Well, I knew the hardest thing to do would be to go through my books and papers, so I tackled that first, but once I started it wasn't so painful. One might see my assortment of really important stuff and see me as a hoarder, but for me it is that "What If." What if I need this? What if I want to read this? What if I go back to teaching?
  • If I needed it that bad, I'd be using it or would have used it in the recent past. If not, it goes.
  • If I want to read it, I would have by now. Let someone else enjoy it. I can get it at the library if I get around to it later on.
  • If I ever go back to teaching, well, things change, and whatever I have will have been replaced by then with newer and better methods.
It's time to let go of the what if's that are cluttering my life.

Another thing that really helped me with this project was to look at as if I were moving into a tiny house. Tiny houses do not have room for clutter or what if's. Besides, I feel calmer and work more efficiently when my world around me is not in chaos, but isn't that true for most of us?

What I ended up with was a clean, un-cluttered living room, a full trash can, and a box-load of goodies for a yard sale.  And without further ado...

And to remind you of what this room looked like last week, here's the link to my blog post with the before photos.  Looking forward to next week's challenge.
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