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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Making of My She Shed...The Early Stages

Without going into too much detail, let's just say I prefer not to share the yucky drama of my life. But, things are finally back on track. I've gone from four part-time jobs to one pretty good one, as far as jobs go, and things have settled down in other areas.

I think I take after my mother in that I have what I refer to as a project mentality. My latest project involves turning our shed into my own personal sewing space, which I recently learned is quite popular these days. I was going with "Mom Cave," but when a friend shared a post on "she Sheds," I realized I was smack dab in the middle of a growing trend. My friend also pointed out that men like dark spaces and women tend to like it light. So true and so funny, since I had already asked my husband if he could add a window to let some light in.

Unfortunately I don't have a true representation of the actual before shot. My before picture is relatively neat, but still shed-like.

Neat, but still a shed.

Today I decided to work on my garden planters, finally. I'm all about upcycling when I can, so here is my little tutorial on how to turn a plastic kitty litter bucket into a planter.

Start with two clean kitty litter buckets. These are 35lb buckets, but there are smaller ones. I like these because they have handles so they're relatively easy to move around.

Using a hammer (or a mallet in my case) put some holes in the bottom for drainage.

Now comes the fun part...

I knew those old shower curtains would be useful one day. Using spray paint which can be used on plastic (very important) paint the entire outside, but not the bottom, of the buckets. I actually went back a few times, once to make sure nothing showed through, and then to touch up spots and make sure the handles were all covered. I did not paint the insides because I thought that might not make the plants too happy. One can, just under $4.00, was just enough to do both buckets. I chose Moss Green because I wanted the planters to blend in with the environment, but there's a nice selection of colors to chose from.

All done. (OK, I know the flowers a looking a little sad, but the nursery was going to throw them away, so I got them for free. I'm hoping they pull through.)

Here's the  other one. The handle is all but invisible. (This is another rescued plant. It was my mother's and wasn't doing too well. I'm hoping being outside in a bigger container will do the trick.) 

Not quite sure what the next post will have in it, but I am in the process of cleaning it out even more.

Do you have a she shed? I'd love to see what you've done with it. Please share you blog posts in the comments below.
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