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Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting The New Year Of To A Good Start

And so another year has come and gone. A brief review of my goals from last year are mixed. I was able to blog more, but then when Summer hit and things got busy, I fell behind and lost my groove.  I did add new products to my shop line-up, but I did not have as many items in my shop as I had wanted.  I did not go to any craft fairs, due to a lack of finances. No money, no booth fees and no canopy, which I would need even if I had the booth fee. (But the past is the past, time to look to the future.)  And I won't even go into the loosing weight thing...

Well, now it's a new year and a new chance to work on my goals.  So, how is this year going to be different? Is this the year I finally get my act in gear? That's the plan, and I'm sticking to it.

Easy one first.  Me, or more accurately, my whole weight/health thing.  I am exercising at least a little every day, which is better than not doing anything. It's a starting point. The difference is I am writing down everything I do in a fitness journal. I remember back before I was really a "grown-up," (no kids, no real bills, still living at home) I was so into weight training. I went to the gym 6 days a week for two hours every day, and I kept a fitness journal. That journal really did help me stay on track and give me a little push to do better the next time. Nothing fancy, right now it's just a piece of notebook paper, but I want to get a small notebook I can carry around with me, so I don't miss anything.  I record the date, the exercise and how many times I did it, if there are repetitions involved. If I walk, I record the distance. (Back in my heyday I would do crunches for the duration of a whole song and not count reps, in which case I would write the name of the song so I know how long I did them.) So, there's the first one. I might add a food journal with that. Still contemplating...

Workout and fitness printable mini planner by Sweet Simple Life

Now for the biggie. Getting out of debt, or at least ending the year with less debt.  As some of you may know I live in a lovely little resort area near the beach. It's beautiful and a great place to raise a family, if you can find the work. This is the off-season and jobs are hard to come by. I know, I've been looking every day. So, either I find enough work, be it full-time or a combination of part-time gigs to bring in some more money or I figure out a way to make my Etsy shop, TheGoodOleDays a successful venture.  My game plan? To help me stay motivated and hold myself accountable I've signed up with Jon Acuff's 30 Days of Hustle.  Jon is the author of two really great books I've read and recommend, Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters and Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job.

Each day brings a new task to focus on. This is a recap of the first week for me, thus far.
Day 1...What is your goal? Easy peasy. To find a full-time job or get my Etsy shop moving in the right direction.
Day 2...Why? Getting out of debt, getting a good night's sleep, being able to dream beyond basic necessities...really the list is endless, but these are the biggies.
Day 3...How will you accomplish your goal? 1) Scheduled blocks of time devoted to job hunting and working on my shop. 2)Apply for jobs that I am qualified (or overqualified) to do. 3) Getting up earlier so I can be more productive.
Day 4...Fun; How to making working towards you goal enjoyable.  1) Listen to music when I sew. 2) Make an inspiration board. 3) Sewing IS fun!
Day 5...When are you going to work on your goal?  Mondays and Fridays are limited because I am a caregiver for my mother. (Actually, my schedule could change at the ring of the phone.) Tuesday-Thursday are my real work days. Mornings are for job hunting, then I move on to my shop until the kids come home from school. Before bedtime I check my email for replies to applications I've sent and see if any more jobs have been posted.
Day 6...Where will you work?  The computer and the kitchen table. (One day I'll have a sewing room all to myself.)

So, I know this is a long one, but it's been a while.  Do you have a plan of action for making your dreams a reality? Here's to us and a great and productive new year!
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