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Monday, November 18, 2013

Girl! Where have you been?

Yes, I've been away. No sugar coating it. I was doing so well with this blog and then Summer happened. I didn't realize how busy it gets here. All I did was work. Living at the beach is not nearly as glamorous as I had thought it would be. (What happened to my deep, dark tan and my moonlit strolls on the beach with my husband? Where did my fancy drink with the little umbrella go? Why did my husband and I feel like two ships passing in the night?) And then Summer ended, all the vacationers went back home and pretty much took our jobs with them, mine included. What do you write in a blog when you have no job and no money that doesn't sound like a poor me pity party?

Things haven't changed much. Still no job and not much money, but my outlook is not quite so doom and gloomy.  I see this as just the way things are meant to be right now.  My mother, who has dementia, needs my help more and more, and my son, who has ADHD, continues to need that little nudge to get his homework done and stay out of trouble.

So, with these things in mind, along with the lack of daytime work available, I have a renewed determination to work on my Etsy shop and make it successful.  I have been working on my pictures and I have added a new line of checkbook covers to my selection.  Before I ran out of money from my Summer job I got the things I needed to finally start using my Serger and I updated my business cards, since I have lived in a different state for over a year now.  Unfortunately, craft shows just are not going to happen for me this year, so the focus is on the online business.

Just a few days ago I got my own domain name and am currently shopping around for a web hosting site so I can expand my reach.

I do apologize for not being here. I missed it, but I did not want this to be a downer, and that's just what would have happened. So I am back, my batteries are recharged, and I'm good to go.
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