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Yes, there were some things about the past that were definitely great, but everyone's list is slightly different. This blog is my contribution to the things that make life great, and not so great. Like all things, this blog will grow and change as I do. Come grow with me.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Putting Christmas In Perspective

Ah, Christmas. A time of mistletoe, pictures with Santa, strangers warmly greeting each other as they pass by...(I'm not going to comment on the spectacle that was Black Friday. The images speak for themselves.) As you know, I'm an old fashioned kind of gal. I like things simple, and I love the Christmases of days long gone by.

I love to hear my grandmother tell of the candles (yes, real candles) on the tree, fresh greens draped on the mantle, and new doll dresses lovingly sewn by her mother for a well-loved baby doll. It was the time of the Great Depression. There wasn't much money for new, shiny presents. Jobs were hard to come by, rations were commonplace. And yet, Christmas still came, somehow it still came.

Times have been tough for many of us these days, as well, though hopefully not as hard as it was back then. Christmas just can't be about shiny new gadgets and electronic devices. I, for one, am taking a step back. This will be a creative Christmas. The boys obviously don't have dolls I can make clothes for, but I do have a few ideas that I think they will appreciate.

Won't you take a step back with me? I don't mean go back in time or take away the gadgets, but find some way to make it truly a special time. Create your own Christmas cards, make ornaments or gifts for family, cook up something yummy.  I'd love to hear your ideas.

As for me, I'll be sharing some of my ideas here.  (Just don't tell the boys. I'd hate to ruin the surprise.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Mojo...With A Little Help From My Friends

We all have those days when we feel the weight of the world is resting not so firmly on our shoulders.  When you're feeling that weight, just reach out to your friends. They are they, even if you don't know it. No man (or woman) is an island. We are social creatures. Let your friends help you through the rough days.

I am thankful for my friends, and I hope you all know who you are, when my days are heavy and I need a little help. This one is for you, because I could not do this alone.